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BMW ORACLE Racing Team Blog  Jun 15, 15:43

Our drive is to win the "Auld Mug", the America's Cup, the crown jewel of sailing. In order to achieve this we push to the limit almost every single day. And it is often the little stories, that aren't as well as publicised as, for instance, a risky manoeuvre during a Match Race, or a new piece of equipment, that make the difference between victory and defeat. Many of these events generally go unnoticed by the public, but it is these events that add up to determine the spirit of the America's Cup, indeed to define the culture and soul of our team. In the BMW ORACLE Racing Team Blog, we would like to share these stories and events with you. Thank you for your interest, and for joining us as we pursue with passion the oldest and arguably grandest trophy in sport.

About Blog Editor Tom Ehman

Tom Ehman is head of External Affairs for BMW ORACLE Racing, and serves as chairman of the team's Executive Committee. He was the founding chairman of the Challenger Commission, and continues to edit the CC Blog. A USA native, he and his family had been living in Germany the past eight years but have relocated to Valencia for the duration of the 32nd America's Cup. This is Tom's ninth America's Cup campaign, and we are pleased to have his extensive Cup knowledge and experience guiding our team Blog.