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Odds and Ends, and a New Beginning  Feb 15, 17:28

SERVER SWAP. Okay, that was painless. The server swap was achieved a day earlier than expected so the BOB has now been given a new lease on life. By the way, this swap has been in the works for a long time. It was executed as planned and ahead of schedule, and will improve our ability to serve our steadily growing readership. The swap was not connected to problems you may have seen over on our main team website the past couple days (which, thankfully, appear to be behind us). Once again, our thanks to Roland Neubauer at SMS, and the teams at and Knallgrau for all their good efforts on our behalf.

MILESTONE. When I checked the Sitemeter a few minutes ago, we are at 99,945 visitors since we started the BOB in June 2005. In the next few hours likely we will click past the milestone 100,000 mark. Thanks again to all of you for your continuing interest.

BRUNO. Congrats to our old friend Bruno Trouble who, it was announced yesterday, will be inducted into the AC Hall of Fame at a gala dinner here in VLC this June. There is a story posted about all that over on the Challenger Commission Blog that I know some of you will enjoy reading.

NICE PHOTOS. Thanks to Steve Wilson (NZL, design team) for the appetizing photos, below, that he took before leaving NZL a couple weeks ago. We appreciate it any time someone from the team augments the snapping for the blog otherwise usually carried out by the pro/am team of Gilles Martin-Raget (FRA, team photographer) and your Ed. No question who is the amateur in that duo.

A Saturday barbecue lunch for the hard-working shore team served up by team chef Ben Harland at our temporary base in Auckland a couple weeks back.

As Stevo said, "Eating well in NZ. Fresh scallops and Hapuka fillets…nice!"