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Spam  Feb 5, 06:50

20040203-spamThe BOB is under attack by spam 'bots (short for "robots") -- automated internet software that adds "spam" (unwanted ads and other information) to a website.

In the past few months the amount of spam being automatically posted as "comments" here on the BOB has increased dramatically -- more than a dozen per day, somethimes that many in an hour -- and most of the spam are links to sites that are not exactly, shall we say, family friendly.

You probably are not even aware of it, as your Ed. and our intrepid webmaster, Roland Neubauer, have so far managed to delete them almost as fast as they were posted -- at least during our waking hours.

In the past week it's gotten to the point where we spending far too much time each day deleting these nasties. So we have decided to shut down the ability for anyone -- or anything -- to post "comments" here on the BOB until a suitable software prophylactic against the 'bots can be installed.

We regret having to take this step. Your comments, while not numerous, have usually been insightful and fun. Our goal is to have the commenting facility turned back on before the start of racing in April. Thanks for your understanding.