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Candid Camera

Candid Camera  Oct 15, 08:12

Saturday at the Golden Gate Yacht Club -- one of the two SM40s our team has in San Francisco for match racing practice. Photo courtesy of Dick Enersen.

Candid Camera  May 28, 11:04

With this we start a new, hopefully regular feature. Rather than just Gilles and your Ed. taking photos (his the good ones, mine the shoot-and-runs), we ask other members of our extended team (including family and friends) to quick-capture with your digi-cams (even phone cams) interesting, illuminating or just plain fun moments during your day. Email or MMS them to me and we'll post here ASAP. Please send a brief explanation, too, by text or email.

Our first PCC was submitted by Grant "Guthrie"
Davidson (NZL, Logsitics/Base Mgr) of Tim Hacket
(NZL, Shore Team Mgr) taking his first ride around
the base on the new yard cleaner. Step by step we
strive to become more professional in our daily work,
even when it comes to scrubbing the "hard."