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The Big Apple

The Pinnacle of Sailing  Jul 9, 07:11

In follow up to our "More Rock Plaza" post yesterday (scroll down two
stories or click) this photo of the Cup at the observation deck of
Rockefeller Center, courtesy of AC fan Myles Grant who just happened to
be up there with his family when ACM's Marcus Hutchinson came along
with the Cup a couple weeks ago.

More Rock Plaza  Jul 8, 08:23

From a post by "mg45" to the 2007AC Forums (General Chatter) this morning:

On a recent trip to NYC,(Sunday, 6/18/06) we were on the observation deck at
30 Rock plaza
(only quite recently open to the public)
There was a small commotion behind me...look about, and there is a bunch of Oracle
folk with a photographer. And the battered LV trunk, and the CUP!!!
Took essentially the same pics that the photographer took.
I guess an advertising shoot. If there is interest I could forward a pic or two to our host?
ps/ Oracle had/has an old cup boat on display on the Roc Plaza
one of those 'had to be there' moments

Thanks "MG" -- glad you enjoyed it. If you want to send us some pics to blog[at]tfehman[dot]com we'll have a look and maybe post them on the BOB. By the way, the Cup was being minded in NYC by ACM's Marcus Hutchinson, among others.

In the meantime, for our dear readers here's an idea of the view (sans Cup) from the Rock Plaza observation deck....

Looking north, over Central Park.

New York, New York  Jul 6, 17:47

So here's the promised photo retrospective of the terrific Rock Center exhibition of USA 49, newly named "Spirit of New York." The Exhibition closed last Sunday, 2 July. And belated best wishes to our American colleagues, friends and families on the occasion of the American Independence Day earlier this week.

First, the lyrics to THE song:

Start spreading the news
I'm leaving today
I want to be a part of it, New York, New York
These vagabond shoes
Are longing to stray
And make a brand new start of it
New York, New York
I want to wake up in the city that never sleeps
To find I'm king of the hill, top of the heap
These little town blues
Are melting away
I'll make a brand new start of it
In old New York
If I can make it there
I'll make it anywhere
It's up to you, New York, New York.

I want to wake up in the city that never sleeps
To find I'm king of the hill, top of the heap
These little town blues
Are melting away
I'll make a brand new start of it
In old New York
If I can make it there
I'll make it anywhere
It's up to you, New York, New York.

* * * * *

As usual, you may click on any of the photos to enlarge; the second and third pics are especially good full-size....

Rockefeller Center, completed during the depression in 1932.

USA 49 in Rock Plaza "was like having the Christmas tree in June."

White roof (upper middle) is the temporary Today Show studio.

Midtown Manhattan: some of the most expensive real estate on the
face of the earth.

Setting up: Max, Mirko and videographer Andrew Preece.

Stopping by to say hi: yachties from St. Francis and Larchmont YCs.

Jane surveying the posters on the approach from 5th Ave.

John "Z" Ziskind (USA, sailing team) on the Today Show with
weatherman Al Roker.

Z shows Mr Roker the trimmer's position.

Local Long Island boy smiling his way to (at least) 15 mins of fame.

Model yachts of all the AC32 teams.

The RC yachts were contributed and managed by ACM.

Local Long Island junior sailors give the model yachts a try.

Local execs trying their hands with the radio-controlled yachts.

Z and Ross Halcrow (CAN, sailing team) with the exhibit's
maintenance man, whose family coincidentally was
originally from Valencia. He spoke Valenciano as well
as English.

CNBC's "Power Lunch" live remote aired for two hours worldwide.

Mirko mic'd up for his CNBC interview.

Oracle execs in front of the exhibit's large outdoor TV screen.

Historical display curated by Mystic Seaport.

America replica in the Mystic display.

BMWOR timing partner Girard-Perregaux's display.

This NYC fan of our last campaign visited the exhibit daily.

Touristic photos by the hundreds if not thousands.

An office worker in Rock Center who was with Bill Koch's
successful 1992 defense campaign America Cubed.

Happy 4th of July to our American colleagues, families and friends.

FDNY and NYPD officers prepare to re-christen 49.

"I christen thee Spirit of New York."

Long Island Optimist Dinghy sailors help with the christening

Girard-Perregaux CEO Gino Macaluso and Oracle CMO Judy Sim
at the VIP reception.

Celebrities at the VIP reception, including actor Patrick Dempsey
(star of the American TV show "Grey's Anatomy").

Colleagues at the VIP reception. How about those sharp team

VIP guests at the reception, checking out 49.

NYYC Commodore George Hinman Jr with Scott Elwell, NYYC member
and son of NYYC Rear Commodore David Elwell.

Tishman Speyer exec Tom Madden, Tom Ehman and LV's Christine

Nice lighting in The City that Never Sleeps.

Bow on: daily appearances on the Today Show.

Videos played all day on the large screen, enjoyed by thousands.

Newbie sailor and midtown bond trader Ryan Greenawalt checks
out the sailing-motif posters in the 5th Ave promenade.

The BMW M6 next to the USA 49 display walk-up...

...drew a lot of admiring comments: "Hot car!"

A Tuboat in Midtown Manhattan.

Facts and figures for the thousands of passers-by.

An introduction of each of the AC32 teams.

What's new for 32.

Introducing the sport of match racing.

Promoting Valencia and ACM's partners.

Perfekt venue for a midday liaison.

Two-time Cup winner: Pedro on the big screen.

Allianz exec Bjorn Widemann phones home to MUC.

Nice lunch spot: the 50th St promenade.

Speaking of lunch, Mirko and Bjorn grab a bite in a New York minute
before rushing off to JFK to fly back to VLC for Act 12.

Show stopper: a great run in NYC. Congrats to all who made it happen.

It's Up to You, New York New York  Jul 3, 10:19

Email just received from Max Hoellerl (AUT, marketing team) who has been in NYC all this time project managing the Rockefeller Plaza exhibition with USA 49:

On Sunday at 6:00 pm we closed the exhibit for the public and started with the dismantle. By now almost everything is gone. Half an hour ago, at 2:45 am [Monday], USA 49 was loaded successfully on the truck and is now on its way back to CA.

Thanks, Max, for the email and a job well done. When we get a moment this week, will post a Rock Plaza photo-retrospective here on the BOB. In the meantime, here are two snaps from Max....

USA 49 being lifted out of Rock Plaza early Monday morning...

...and onto the truck which is now headed back to California.

Another "Today Show" Appearance!  Jun 26, 22:21

This morning the NBC Today Show once again aired a segment featuring the America's Cup and BMW ORACLE Racing. Click here for the 3:16 video (preceded by a 15-second ad; MSNBC's gotta pay for the bandwith somehow). Nice going gang.

Special thanks to Gary Jobson for ably repping the team in NYC while we are otherwise tied up in VLC with the important goings on here known as Act 12.

And there's even more nice ink on the wires this evening about the BMWOR exhibition in Rock Plaza and Gary Jobson, thanks to our main sponsor Allianz.

Members of the Long Island Optimist Dinghy Sailing Team helping last week
at Rockefeller Plaza with the re-christening/naming of USA-49 as the
Spirit of New York.

Nice ink: Allianz AG HQ
in MUC.

AC Display Continues to Rock NYC  Jun 23, 06:37


Under "Spare Times" in the Arts Section of this morning's New York Times:

RACING YACHT DISPLAY, Rockefeller Center, 49th and 50th Streets, between Fifth Avenue and Avenue of the Americas. The yacht BMW Oracle Racing, a United States challenger for the America's Cup, will be on view through July 2; in addition, there will be screenings of documentary racing films and interactive displays. Daily, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

BMW ORACLE Racing rocks on in NYC through 2 July. We'll post a
photo montage from last week's action in the Big Apple when we
a moment between the racing in VLC this week.

Second Acts  Jun 17, 19:56

Larry will love this. The announcement by Bill Gates on Thursday that he would be stepping down from Microsoft sooner than later led to a story on NBC Nightly News that evening which included a shot of reporter Mike Taibbi standing on the deck of Spirit of New York (USA 49) in Rockefeller Plaza. The title of the piece was, "Baby boomers opt for second acts." So, LOL, a story on Boomer Bill gives Larry and our team brief but nice network news exposure with full branding. The MSNBC website has a transcript of the two-plus minute segment, as well as a video of the actual report that aired on NBC Thursday eve.

Media Flash: "Z" on Today!  Jun 15, 15:17

Jon "Z" Ziskind (USA, sailing team) being interviewed a few minutes ago
during the 0900 segment on NBC's Today Show by weatherman Al Roker.
We will post a video of the entire interview as soon as we have it.

The Long Island homeboy, now living in Valencia, comes home to the
the Big Apple to explain what a "trimmer" does -- and as you know it has
nothing to do with the lawn. Note to Chris Bedford -- you've got a new
member of your weather team: at the end of the interview Z presented
Mr Roker with a team shirt (with his name on it) and made him an honorary
member of BMW ORACLE Racing.

Media Alert: NBC's Today Show and CNBC's Power Lunch  Jun 15, 12:59

Two of our BMW ORACLE sailors -- Jon Ziskind (USA) and Ross Halcrow (NZL) -- will be on NBC's Today Show this morning (Thursday). One will be interviewed on the 0900 segment, and one on the 0930 segment. The Today Show airs in most local markets across the USA at the same time (live or taped).

And then at noon Eastern Time today CNBC's Power Lunch will be doing a two-hour special live from our BMW ORACLE exhibit at Rockefeller Plaza and covering in several different segments the business side of the America's Cup with a number of people connected with BMW ORACLE being interviewed. That is from 1200-1400 Eastern (New York) Time and is shown live worldwide on CNBC -- so those of you in Europe and Asia with CNBC on your cable or satellite should be able to tune in as well (again, it is live for two hours today from 1200-1400 New York time, or 1800-2000 in Western Europe, 1700-1900 in London).


Nice Ink: ACM Press Release on NYC Event  Jun 14, 22:13

The official AC 32 website is carrying the ACM press release that was issued today about the Cup-related events here in NYC this week and next, including the arrival tonight of the America's Cup and Louis Vuitton Cup. They will be on public display this Sunday and Monday as part of the BMW ORACLE Racing exhibit at Rockefeller Center.

The AC 32 title partner is, of course, Louis Vuitton. LV
has stores in many major cities around the world,
including a particularly spectacular one here in NYC
on Fifth Ave. Any bets as to whether the LV Cup makes
a brief appearance there this weekend?