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F1 Coming to Valencia?  Jun 9, 19:57

This story has been appearing in the local media, but today it aired on one of the top and most prescient Formula One websites,

A race for Valencia?
The word in the paddock in Silverstone was that the city of Valencia will be hosting a Formula 1 race in 2008. The event would be in addition to the Spanish Grand Prix and would aim to take advantage of the huge interest in F1 in Spain because of the success of Fernando Alonso. The interesting point is that the stories we hear are suggesting that the race will be on the streets rather than at the Circuit Ricardo Torma where F1 teams currently go testing. The plan is apparently to run a track around the harbour area. This is currently being used as the home of the America's Cup teams but after the cup ends in July next year the teams will move elsewhere leaving the area available for other events. The city within a city cost the city more than $500m and has its own road system complete with a sponsors' village and a 300-seat media centre. There are three new marinas and a large entertainment centre and viewing platform. There are also the various different buildings that have been constructed by the America's Cup teams which could be used for VIP entertainment and so on. There are suggestions that a deal has already been agreed with the local authorities happy to pay race fees of $25m a year.

We will check in with Prof Dr Thiessen, et al., at BMW Sauber, as well as our friend Joe Saward at, to see if any of them can shed come light on this interesting speculation about a GP in VLC. If true, DBS (one of our keen fans in the USA) among other petrol-heads will be very pleased, indeed.

Are BMW Sauber and the other F1 teams on their way, sooner than later,
to VLC -- in a road race a la the Monaco GP no less?


At this morning's HOD (heads of department) meeting, Team Meteorologist Chris Bedford said "today's racing could be affected by developments over Tunisia."

Those last three words puts this entire Act 8, indeed the 32nd America's Cup, in perspective. Toto, it for sure ain't Kansas anymore, nor Newport, Freo, San Diego or Auckland.

Not only are we in Europe for the first time, but in non-Anglo surroundings. Here in Trapani we find ourselves in what can only be called the most AC-crazy country in the world. Italy has three teams, all supported by wildly-cheering shoreside crowds -- the only country this time around with more than one team. And as to being a non-Anglo Cup, it's perhaps worth mentioning again that this Cup has the most number of countries (10) with first-time challenges representing China, Germany and South Africa.

Moreover, with the exception of 1988, it is the first time there has not been a team connected with the New York Yacht Club. However, NYYC can be proud that their presence is still felt -- most directly in the strong and steadying influence of NYYC Past Commodore Dyer Jones who serves as overall regatta director. Thank goodness.

This morning it's overcast and still. But clearing skies and warmer temps, and tricky winds, are forecast for this afternoon. Likely starting delays and possibly even abandonments as the RC searches for stable winds.

Today's script, and setting, could not be more perfekt for the final scene of Act 8.

Tuesday's Tunisian influences.

Today's pairing list is here.

Finally, check the Valencia Sailing site for Gilles Martin-Raget's shots of the photo finish with ETNZ. Slightly different perspective from those we blogged last night.


In the paddock today, Bruno's Buoy (see previous post) was spotted taking shape (literally) as it was being inflated and having branding applied -- presumably for use during the Malmo Louis Vuitton Act 7 Fleet Racing next Friday through Sunday.

brunos buoy 2
Bruno's Buoy.

"BRUNO'S BUOY" -- Take Two?  Aug 24, 15:11

Rumor has it that "Bruno's Buoy," the brainchild of Louis Vuitton's Bruno Trouble to serve not only as a highly-visible windward mark but also a camera platform for several photo journalists, may be making its debut next week during the fleet racing Act 7 here in Malmoe.

brunos buoy
The big buoy tied up at the RCNV in Valencia a few months back.
Initial tests showed it was difficult to tow and anchor. Have those
problems been solved and we are about to see Take Two?

For details, check this post from May on the Challenger Commission website.